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Leather Grades and Care Guidelines

At Workspace, we utilize premium leather which ensures the top quality of our products. In this article you will get to know more about the different grades of Leather and the guidelines for their care and maintenance.

1. Aniline Leather
Aniline leather is the best in quality and the most natural, soft and gracefully supple of all leather types. It’s normally the most expensive type of leather as only the very best raw hides can qualify for this type of treatment. This leather becomes more beautiful with age, with the natural patina developing a deep character over time. They are the softest kind available and have a beautiful, almost velvety, feel. The highest quality raw hides are sourced from European cattle, generally better protected as they are raised in small herds on farms with no barbed wire and no branding. With minimal processing, Aniline hides proudly display the hallmarks of genuine leather such as fat wrinkles, growth marks, healed scars, insect bites and scratches. Aniline leather is usually used in front surface and visible areas of the chair.

- Most natural, most beautiful leather with an ultra soft handle
- Most comfortable seating comfort due to breathability
- Develops a patina and improves with age
- More sensitive to sunlight and requires more maintenance

2. Genuine Leather
A split leather where the lower (inner) layers of the hide are stripped off. The outer, higher-quality parts are “top grain”. The ability to take multiple layers from one hide depends on the thickness of the skin. Some skins, like cow, are often able to be split into various levels,  coming from the intermediate layers – between top grain and suede. That’s in term of position in the hide – not in terms of quality. At times, may be mixed with leather scraps and artificial materials and bonding agents. 
It simply means that leather is present in the product, it can run the gamut on appearances. in some places, even the bottom rung of leather product – such as bicast and bonded leather – can be called “genuine.”
so there’s no consistent appearance making it flexible in appearance and material. Genuine leather is usually used in front surface and visible areas of the chair.

- Natural durable material with only basic care
- Rich and exquisite looking, so the high price is quite a logical drawback
- Great price and leather look
- Breathable and flexible

3. PU Leather
An artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer and is considered vegan. Some types of PU leather called bicast leather that have actual leather but has a polyurethane coating on top takes the fibrous part of cowhide that are leftover from making genuine leather and put a layer of polyurethane on top of it. The polyurethane coating is embossed on top of vinyl leather to look more like real leather that has been aged. It does have a layer of real leather in it, but the layer of leather has been split (hence the name, split leather) so the layer of real leather is thinner than with genuine leather. It was originally made for the shoe industry, but it was then adapted into the furniture industry. The benefits of PU leather are that, due to its split backing with a polyurethane coating, it is more economical than 100% genuine cow leather. It also has a smoother, even grain which makes it easier to clean.

Leather Cleaning and Care:
- Use an extra care and attention to avoid damage, including test spots ahead of cleaning with a new product in an out of view place
- Water soluble stains should be washed off immediately with a clean, white, soft cloth or sponge wrung out in lukewarm water (boiled water)
- Regular cleaning and dust removal should be done frequently by vacuuming with a soft brush and dusting with a clean, white, damp cloth
- Wipe and clean gently to avoid damaging the leather’s coating
- Use leather conditioner regularly
- Apply cleaner sparingly, do not soak leather

Leather grading is based on seating surface material only, other surfaces or components such as side and back might be covered with different leather grade.
Please be aware that because leather is a natural material, slight discoloration, blemishes, imperfections, scratches, or change in texture may be visible. These imperfections should not be misconstrued as flaws, as this is what makes each item beautiful and unique.
WORKSPACE has made every effort to ensure that the products are fairly described, that the product information is correct, and that the colors are displayed as accurately as possible. Due to photographic lighting sources or differences in device screen settings, we are unable to guarantee that the color you will see on your screen will completely reflect the true color of the product ordered. 

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